Saturday, November 6, 2010

About A Little Turquoise Butterfly

For so long I have wanted to find a Turquoise Butterfly ring.
Something that represents my son's soul. For he is as free as the butterflies.

I wanted a turquoise one to represent the sea as it is such a beautiful part of my life because of him.

So the other day I was out with my girls and my lovely Dad. As we were walking past each shop this little (Hmm maybe little is not the right word!) this rather massive turquoise butterfly caught my eye. I went into the store and picked it up. At first I thought it was a broach as it was so large but to my delight it turned out to be a silver ring.

It was the last one in the store. I bought it and took it home with me.

Of course I had to photograph it being the beautiful piece of jewellery that it is. As I was photographing it the poem my friend Maya wrote for me was running through my mind.

And so the above image is the result. I have added the image to my Heartfelt Card Line as a pregnancy and infant loss card as it was too pretty not too.

Do you have a special piece of jewellery to represent your baby/ies? This Butterfly is just one of many pieces I have now :)

Love and blessings to all.


Jaydens mommy said...

Carly, the Ring and the card are both beautiful. I am so glad Christian helped you find the perfect ring because it is absolutely perfect just like your son. I <3 it.

Jacob's Mommy said...

I absolutely love your ring! Beautiful! My husband bought me a necklace with a heart within a circle. The only time I took it off was when they put me under for an emergency c-section.

Missy said...

Absolutely beautiful. I tend to gravitate toward the mom and child jewelry. My necklace contains locks of his hair and I just found a pin two days ago.

Carly Marie said...

The only time I have ever taken off the ring that Sam gave me at Christian's Funeral was when Where was born by c-section and the same with Ocea :)I will wear it till the day I die :)

I love that you can wear a lock of his hair Missy :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Carly, that is absolutely beautiful. I love the photo with the poem. It's perfect!

michelle hs said...

i have a sterling silver dragonfly ring that i found just last month at kohl's! i wear it every day!

Sue said...

Love your ring but you know you should have called me if you were looking for something special I am good at finding the "perfect" peice. I have made myself some special peices this week end so I can have something special on each day. I will share with you when I take the photos. I have a butterfly ball bracelet a tiffany style necklace with "Bubby" messenger engraved on it and the date and I also have the Angel inicial "B" to know that bubby is now with the Angels and the next one will be protected by them.
enjoy your ring it is beautiful and I know Christian made sure you walked past that store. Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Carly & friends, it's Lisa in WA state,

I also have a turquoise butterfly ring, that is a little on the big side. I love butterflies ever since the death of Zachary because it was the only boy-ish looking memory box to chose from. The others were all purple and pink, but the only one left was not as feminine, and had a butterfly painted on top.

Your ring is gorgeous!!
I'm not sure how to post the photo of the ring here, can you help?

Lisa in WA