Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let The Pie Throwing Begin!!!

So just over a year ago I was reading a blog post by my beautiful friend Barbara. Seriously this blog post made me so fuming mad. Not at Barb but at the doctor she was writing about. He was being a loser and if I was there with her in his surgery I would have picked up the nearest pie and pegged it right at his face!

In honour of Barb and everyone who has had something crappy happen to them I held a day on my old blog. It was dedicated to throwing pies! I have decided to make this day a more regular event.

So on the 13th of each month you will be able to come in here, have a bit of a vent about what ever it is that has annoyed you and lets face it... it can be petty and THROW A PIE!

If you are joining us from facebook you can throw a pie on my page or leave a comment on here. If you are a blogger and would like to link your pie throwing post you can do so below in the Mister Linky gadget.

So who am I throwing a pie at?

MY HUSBAND. Sam you are such a Nana. Afternoon snoozes and all... BORING! I am throwing a sweet cream pie at you because no doubt I am going to get some back!

One more pie is going to the city of Melbourne. Well more accurately the weather in Melbourne. On the one weekend of the year that I am flying over you decide that the most perfect weather would be cold wet and windy. BOOOOOO to you! Rotten Prawn Pie in your face Melbourne Weather!

Join me in the pie throwing festivities won't you?. .. I dare you too!


CathyO said...

To the mom that insists on sharing all the fun her child is having with other children, yet never invites my child or accepts and invite from us. In your face meanie mom!! Lemon meringue, to sweeten your sour attitude!

Wow thanks that feels good!

amy said...

Nice one CathyO! Haha
And Carls!!! Rotten prawns. Rank! Noice :P teeheehee...

Well, if we're throwing pies at boring husbands who are nannas and take naps and are barely 30 (as they both are!!) First one goes to my HUSBAND!! Who is napping on the couch as I write when I'm racing around the house getting it prepared for his 30th birthday party tomorrow. AND making him profiteroles. Boo boo boo.

Secondly to my mother in law. Ugh. She copped a rotten funky fish pie last year. She gets another one this year. Gloria - this is for (today) deciding to nickname my precious daughter FLEA!!!! Are you F&%@ING kidding me? I didn't know whether to laugh at you or punch you in your stupid head. Now what sort of pie do you deserve mother dearest..... you haven't been as mean as you had been last year so fish pie would be over the top... BUT you're lactose intolerant and HATE cheese soooooo how about a savoury cheesy gooey pie right in your wrinkly face?!?!? Bahahahaha. Cop that darlin'
Woooooo that felt good :) Thanks Carls - sorry for bein a biarch!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am throwing a pie at my house mate for eating the rest of my birthday cake! IT WAS MINE!

Barbara said...

Hey sweet Carly, I am deeply honoured to be honoured!

I linked and posted my pie throwing!


Kelly said...

I am not one for animal cruelty so I won't throw this pie hard but this one is for the bird that crapped all over our wedding car whilst we were in the church getting married last weekend. Thanks alot. Enjoy your pie!

Thanks Carls!

Maryann said...

I'm throwing a rotten pie at myself for cooking the worst dinner ever. Oh god it was bad and the worst part was we had guests. LOL

Lauren H said...

Im going to follow the lazy husband trend and throw one at mine... YOU'RE 31! Snap out of it and take me on a date damnit! So since you HATE shrimp and seafood and broccoli here is a Shrimpy Broccoli pie all up in your face! haha! Now WAKE UP! Love you Natey xxoo ;o)

Oh AND... for my son's stupid father... for not showing up to his parent teacher conference last wednesday.. Here's a rotten stinky dog poo pie for you! Loser.

Thanks Carly! I feel MUCH better now :o)

sarah said...

Throwing a pie at my AWFUL neighbor who screamed at me the other day for not picking up dog poop on her sidewalk, when in fact it was NOT my dog that had pooped there.

And of course, countless pies at the universe for the cruel, cruel, cruel loss of my baby boy.

Merle said...

I am throwing Big Nasty pie at all those doctores that are in the field for all the wrong reasons and use all the worng terminologies!!!

If you are a doctor and don't care about life or people then get another job!!

Thank you Carly!

Michelle E said...

I am throwing a beetroot pie at the two teenage girls that would not keep quiet in the movie theater last night! The rudeness!

Thanks Carly!!

Franchesca said...

Lovely LOVELY idea Carly! Serious pie throwing at our car thief!!!

Missy said...

A sticky pie for the DB who brought a whole swarm of cops to my apartment complex this afternoon! You can run guy, but I saw your face!

a Field of dreams said...

To this sore throat i've had for 2 weeks and 2 courses of antibiotics - Piss Off! Thanks CarlyMarie for a beautiful blog and an opportunity to vent

Anonymous said...

This one is to the minefield that is facebook and all the crap it stirs up and all the ways I cannot stand it and thus avoid it at all costs.....