Friday, November 5, 2010

Melbourne, Ashes and Hope

Most days I am fine. You know. I think of him every day. Maybe even every waking hour. But I am okay.

I missed out on him but in a strange beautiful twist he consumes me. He is my life now. My work. My joy. My passion. I just can't see him. I can't feel him, but in some very special moments I do sense him.

In just under two weeks I am flying to Melbourne to meet up with some very gorgeous girls. One in particular is my dear friend Sally. I have known Sally for just over two years now. She found my blogpost that I wrote on the day her first daughter was stillborn. It was titled Tuesday's Hope. I wrote it after I had had the dream of Christian on the beach writing his name in the sand. The dream that started his legacy. Sally's little girl Hope was born on that very day. You can probably tell just from that little story that Sally and I have a strong bond.

When I go to Melbourne I will be taking a small portion of Christian's ashes with me. For years now I have wanted to scatter some of them but I could never quite let them go. On Sunday 21st of November I will be visiting Hope's grave with Sally. I am going to leave some of Christian's ashes there with Hope.

If you are in Melbourne and would like to come to the picnic I am organizing at the Royal Botanical Gardens come and check out the invite on facebook and let me know if you can come.

I am so looking forward to this trip. I get to see my brother, rock out with him at a show of a new friend of mine, meet up with new friends and old and spend some time photographing the beautiful city of Melbourne with my awesome old man. I don't know how I will go without my girls. I miss them already. They are my world.

Have you ever scattered your child's ashes somewhere? Whereabouts? How did you feel afterwards?

Much love and many blessings.


Theresa Muenzel said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea, sharing Christan with other! I wish I could make it to your picnic, it sounds like such a wonderful time! Take care and be well,

Kobe said...

What a beautiful idea Carly. I am yet to scatter Amelia's ashes. Given it's only been 5 months, i'm sure it will probably take a lot longer. I do know where I want her to go though. My in laws farm in St Andrew's. It has the most beautiful view of bushland and her garden is there, where we had her service. I'm just not ready to let go yet though....

Anonymous said...

Tadghs ashes are with the rest of the angel babies at the Memorial Rose Garden at King Eddies in Subiaco. Its nice to have a lovely place to go to remember him. Somewhere special. I think scattering some with with Hope is just beautiful xxx

Amanda said...

I didn't scatter Bailey's ashes I went to build a bear and had his ashes (well sealed) put inside a bear. Bailey Bear now sits in his brothers bedroom. We say good morning to him everyday.

Hope's Mama said...

We always knew we'd be friends for life. This just seals the deal. Our babies will be together forever, not that we had any doubt they already were.
Counting down the next two weeks.
Love you heaps, Carly.

Kelly Lynn said...

My darling gabriel's ashes are beneath a special miniture rose that my husband and I picked out. Gabriel's Rose sits in it's own special planter box, awaiting a bronze memorial plaque. I see the rose everyday in my garden and it has already had it's first beautiful bloom.

Catherine W said...

'I missed out on him but in a strange beautiful twist he consumes me.'

Beautiful, beautiful post Carly.

I often think of Christian and Hope together, as they share that special date.

I hope you have a lovely time in Melbourne and don't miss your girls too terribly.

I haven't scattered any of G's ashes yet. I hope that one day I will find the right place, as you have, and it will bring me some peace. xo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have not scattered ashes but I think it sounds like a beautiful idea. ((HUGS))

Mary said...

I think that is a perfect place to put the ashes. Wish I could join you at the picnic. I know it is going to be a special day.

tara said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I have read Tuesday's Hope as well. How wonderful to put those two little souls together forever.