Friday, December 10, 2010

9th Day of Christmas Winners

Holding a giveaway is such a lovely feeling. But when you have so many people entering it makes you feel pretty down that you can't give everybody something. Yesterday I was filled with sadness when we saw how many people entered to receive a butterfly. All those children, all those family and friends missing them. If I had the time I would draw you all a butterfly.

We decided to give away 6 instead of 1 :)

The winners are...

Andrea Hess

(For Raegan Clara)

Tanya Hocken

(For Jackson)

Katrina Wright
(For Gracie)

Addi's Mommy
(For Madelyn)


(For Sophia and Ellie)

Allison Calligano Duquette
(For Angel)

Congratulation ladies! Please drop me an email at so that I can email you your butterflies.

Thank you to everyone who entered!