Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December's Pie Throwing Festivities

I am throwing a pie at the wind yesterday, no doubt this pie is going to come flying back at my face since the stupid wind was so strong that I couldn't keep my camera still at the beach. So yeah a Cadbury chocolate pie to the wind. Dude seriously calm down when I am working.

This second pie goes to my neighbour Adam for always letting River into his home. Seriously I can never get my kid to come home... THANKS for you help Adam! Cream Pie in your face!

My 3rd meat pie goes to the loser kid who beat up my River last week.

My 4th and final pie (a rather large rotten prawn pie) goes to the parents of the kid who beat up my kid. Seriously if you see your kid beating up on a little girl, how about stop them!

Oh that felt good.

Join me won't you?


Lana said...

Thats totally pox.. i would like to pie the kid who beat up River too and also it's parents.. they can have a pie each.. not a communal pie! sheesh...

Franchesca said...

Okay so your pie to the wind was just hilarious, made me smile :)

Boo to that loser beating up your poor River!!

Missy said...

I adore the pie throwing. It feels wonderful! Pies to all the A-hold insensitive people in the world. You may not know what it's like to lose a child, but the least you could do is try to imagine what it's like to be me/us for one minute. You know who you are.

amy said...

bugger! how did i miss this yesterday?! am i too late? can i pretend im on US time?
ill assume yes :)
id like to throw a pie at my lazy ass father in law. because of his lack of motivation and stubborn as a mule attitude it looks like we now have to be responsible for his living arrangements. refusing to find work after losing his job two years ago, the bank has decided hes defaulted on his mortgage enough and is now looking for a place to stay. we have no room. and there's enough pressure and stress in this house at the moment without adding an unmotivated, lazy, abnoxious 60 year old who we cant afford to support.
big stinkin pie to you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to throw a pie at my sisters' lazy, pill-popping, rude, fat husband! He doesn't give her money for fuel in her car, they live in a motel with their 2 kids and he treats her like crap in general! Can't stand him!! A great, big stinky poo pie for him right in his face!

Jill said...

Poor River :( Kids can be so cruel. All well deserved pies to be thrown!

mnmsweetpy said...

I love this! And I love your website just reading everything makes me smile!

I will throw a pie at the girl from the hospital billing who thought it necessary to get smart with me when asking a billign question.

I will throw an especially yucky rotten meat pie and the guy who yelled at me and made me cry by!

That feels better!

Melissa said...

This is for the girl who makes me furious! The girl who lives right next door to me. After knowing all that I have went through with doing everything right during pregnancy and still losing my baby girl. She thinks its okay for her to smoke nasty cigs and stick pills up her nose one right after another while 30 plus weeks pregnant. God help her daughter when she's born but poo on her! Here's a big snow ball pie right in the face for a wake up call!