Friday, March 18, 2011

Grieving Fathers

Often the Dad's are put to the side when a child dies. They are even forgotten about. What a terrible thing.

Dad's grieve too.

You may want to read my husband's blog entry From A Fathers Perspective which is about the death of our son.

Below are some helpful links for grieving Dads.

Blogs written by Fathers

Grieving Project

A Blog For Fathers When A Baby Dies

Kayleigh's Story

Lazy Cat Farm
(maintaind by mother and father)

Elm City Dad

Cries For The Silent (maintained by mother and father)

(maintained by mother and father)

My Baby, Emma

Irishdad's Blog

The Newborn Identity

Books Written By Fathers

When A Man Faces Grief - By James E. Miller

Tender Fingerprints - By Brad Stetsen

Tuesday Mornings With The Dads - By The Dads Group

General Grief

Matt Logelin's
Blog is wonderful. Although he is not writing about the death of his child, he writes about grieving the loss of his beautiful wife Liz who died the day after she gave birth to their daughter Madeline.